About Us

The FutebolCard system ® is a tool for ticket sales and stadium access management that uses an innovative and unique technology in the world to transform credit cards in tickets. Using this system fans can purchase tickets through the Internet on the website www.futebolcard.com and gain direct access at the turnstiles of the stadiums with their credit cards.

In addition to greater convenience provided to the fans, as the absence of queues to purchase or pickup the tickets at the box office of the stadium, the system has a strong security, canceling the action of scalpers and counterfeit tickets, since the purchase is made through the accredited website.

How does FutebolCard works ® ?

For the purchase of your ticket and access to the stadium to be faster, safer and more convenient, simply register at the website www.futebolcard.com and select the games of available clubs. You must login, select the game you wish to watch, select the sector and the seat in the stadium and use your credit card for payment. Then simply confirm the data and bring the card on the day of the game. If the used card is VISA the access is given directly by using the VISA card at the specially developed turnstile for FutebolCard ®. This means that the VISA credit card used at the time of purchase becomes the very ticket to access the stadium. If the card used to purchase is from another network just go to the Pickup Point identified at the box office of the stadium. More than making your life easier, the FutebolCard ® meets, in all stages, the football sport legislation standards as well as the recent Fan Regulations.

Other advantages of FutebolCard ®

  • Make purchases quickly and objectively in the FutebolCard.com website, in a restricted and personalized area with password and login;
  • Season ticket purchase opportunity (season tickets);
  • Option to purchase tickets for up to four companions (five tickets per CPF);
  • Receive newsletters with relevant information to the games of your club;
  • Full details of the competition regulations, game table view, with all the details such as date, place and time;